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26 Examples of Economic Context

Economic context are elements of the global, national or local economy that impact an organization, group, team or individual. This is an example of external context meaning that you have little or no influence over it. However, you can adjust strategy such as spending, cost control, inventory, hiring and layoffs in response to economic factors such as customer demand. The following are common examples of economic context.
Business Debt Levels
Business Inventories
Capital Markets
Consumer Confidence
Consumer Debt
Consumer Savings
Economic Depressions
Economic Growth / GDP
Employment Level / Unemployment Rates
Exchange Rates
Financial Conditions - e.g. how easy it is to get a loan
Government Debt
Government Spending / Fiscal Policy
Labor Markets
Market Prices
Speculative Bubbles - i.e. high asset prices
Stock Markets - e.g. it is generally more difficult to raise money in a bear market
Overview: Economic Context
Elements of the global, national or local economy that impact an organization, group, team or individual.
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