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14 Examples of White Goods

 , May 27, 2022
White goods are major consumer electronics that include mechanical components. This name emerged due to the tendency for these appliances to be white to match the kitchens, basements and outdoor environments where they are typically placed. White goods are primarily contrasted with brown goods -- electronics without major mechanical components that are more typically placed in living rooms, bedrooms and recreation rooms such that brown was a historically common color for these goods. The following are common examples of white goods.
Air Conditioner
Dish Washer
Range Hoods
Stove Tops
Trash Compactors
Ventilation Systems
Washing Machine
Water Heaters
White goods typically have very long life spans of 20 years or more and are always considered durable goods.
Unlike brown goods, that are often updated due to product improvements and technological change, white goods are often used until they break down. Likewise, it is common to have white goods repaired when they malfunction.
Overview: White Goods
Definition Major consumer electronics that include mechanical components.
As Opposed ToBrown Goods
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