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13 Examples of Increased Productivity

Increased productivity is when a society, organization or individual produces more value in an hour or month of work. This is economic gravity that is the basis for the standard of living of nations and the profitability of firms. The following are illustrative examples of increased productivity.
A chef who is able to handle more orders an hour by preparing things in batches before the rush.
An artist who continues to produce one painting a week but these paintings become more and more brilliant.
A sales person who closes more deals every month.
A carpenter who increases the quality of their work to reduce call backs.
A design firm that increases average billable hours to 90% of work hours.
Reduced absenteeism that allows a development team to produce more code in a month.
Higher expectations that allow a development team to produce higher quality code without reducing the amount of code delivered.
A nation that improves GDP per worker by improving social, transportation and technology infrastructure.
A snowboard manufacturer that produces more units an hour with automation.
A snowboard manufacturer that increases the value of its products by listening to customer feedback and improving designs.
A construction firm that provides workers with high-end power tools and training to reduce the turnaround time for work.
A farmer who invests in a combine harvester to produce more in an hour of work during harvest.
More efficient processes that allow workers to fill more orders in an hour of work at an ecommerce firm.

Productivity Examples

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