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Decision making is the process of choosing action or inaction in response to conditions and goals. This is typically begins by deciding what you are trying to decide with a problem statement. From here you can brainstorm ideas, analyze each idea, test your best ideas and finally choose using the results. It is also common to make decisions using intuition, logic, rational thought and social processes such as meetings. Below are examples of business and personal decisions followed by a list of decision making techniques and approaches.

Business Decisions

Business decisions may involve many stakeholders such that they often involve social processes. In the end, it is better for a decision to be made by a single leader with accountability. Consensus decisions are problematic as they reflect social compromises and can lack accountability.
Determining the ownership structure of a new business.
Selecting a location for a new restaurant.
Prioritizing 3 projects out of a list of 90 project proposals.
Deciding to grant a refund requested to a customer.
Hiring 2 employees after interviewing 41 candidates.
Choosing a name for a new business.
Selecting a package design from dozens of proposed designs.
Choosing a logo with a process of market testing.
Selecting a supplier for a part.
Determining the layout and interior design of a new office.
Discontinuing a partnership due to low performance.
Laying off employees in order to save a failing business.
Increasing the quality of a product in order to improve reviews.
Retiring a legacy technology.
Redesigning a business process.
Restructuring business and technology departments into small integrated teams.
An airline that changes its policy regarding animals in the cabin.
A hotel that decides to renovate aging rooms.
A tech company that decides on a design change for a popular mobile device.
A sales team that decides to participate in an industry conference.
A customer service representative who decides to offer a customer an incentive not to cancel their account.
A restaurant that decides to invest in a summer patio expansion.
A software company that decides to launch a digital advertising campaign.
A utility invests in a solar project.
A cafe that diversifies by offering takeout meals.
An insurance company that approves a claim for a loss.
A homebuilder that hikes prices in response to lumber costs.
Reformulating a yogurt product to be 100% natural and organic.
Retraining all customer service staff after an incident that caused negative publicity.
Changing working rules to improve employee satisfaction.
Setting sales quotas and incentives for a quarter.
Establishing distribution partnerships to sell into the German market.
A ski hill that decides to retarget its marketing towards snowboarders.
A farmer who decides to test a new crop.
A fast food restaurant that discontinues operations in a politically unstable location.
A video game company that decides to change its revenue model to eliminate game-interrupting offers.
A movie franchise that decides to license its trademarks to firms with questionable quality in order to cash-in on a popular film.
A technology company that plans to in-house its customer service functions in order to improve service.
Discontinuing an unprofitable product.

Personal Decisions

Personal decisions are often an informal process of questioning, research, reflection and thought. Nevertheless, these can benefit from decision making processes such as a decision rationale.
A child who decides to join a soccer club at school.
A cosplayer who invests in an expensive costume.
A musician who decides to join a band.
Accepting / quitting a job.
An employee who decides to dress more formally at work.
Attending a social event to network and build relationships.
Choosing a major in university.
Choosing an investment for savings.
Deciding to learn from a failure, mistake or disappointment.
Deciding to throw out the things you rarely use to declutter.
Discontinuing a bad habit.
Establishing a new routine.
Establishing a plan to reduce household costs.
Experimenting with a new way of studying.
Initiating a new diy project.
Purchasing a home.
Reducing media consumption to spend more time on "real life."
Reorganizing your apartment.
Sustaining a friendship.
Using self-discipline to achieve greater results in your profession.
Working longer hours to try to get a promotion.

Decision Making

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