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What is a Sanity Check?

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A sanity check is a back-to-basics validation that a decision, calculation or condition has some chance of being correct. It is possible to become so involved in a complex decision, calculation or procedure that you miss something completely obvious that invalidates your result. A sanity check doesn't check that something is right, just that it is somewhat reasonable. The following are illustrative examples.


A professional is offered a job at a firm and thinks for an entire week about whether to accept. They consider tradeoffs such as salary, work hours, office location, perks, professional opportunities and stress. She decides to take the job. As a last step, she performs a sanity check by asking herself "does this feel right?" She decides it doesn't feel right because she feels the new firm doesn't reflect her values.


An investor does a compound interest calculation to determine that a $100,000 investment will be worth $755,090 in five years. They perform a sanity check by asking themselves if it makes any sense. They decide the result is far too large and return to find a mistake in their calculation.


The term sanity check is commonly used for basic tests that are run before real tests. For example, a software developer might make sure a new product release is up and functional before releasing it to a testing team.


An aircraft maintenance team does a final sanity check after each maintenance to ensure the equipment looks right, no tools were left behind and that the maintenance procedures made sense.
Overview: Sanity Check
A back-to-basics validation that a decision or calculation has some chance of being correct.
Decision making or problem solving may involve detailed thinking that neglects obvious big picture issues.
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