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21 Examples of the Digital Economy

The digital economy is the creation and capture of value using computers and networks. The following are common examples of economic activity that can be considered part of the digital economy.


Selling products and services from a digital presence such as a website or app.


Digital two-sided markets such as an auction website.


Software products and services including consumer and business software. For example, a software as a service tool for sales force automation.


Platforms for building digital technologies. This can be at the infrastructure, system or application level. For example, a platform for machine learning is at the system level.


Computing hardware such as computing, data storage and networking devices.

Consumer Electronics

Digital products for consumers such as smart phones.


Digital services such as a tool for searching the internet.

Education & Training

Training related to digital technologies or education such as a computer science degree.


Providing labor related to digital technologies for a fee.

Information Security

Software, hardware, consulting and training related to securing digital technologies and data.

Data Services

Providing valuable and timely data such as market data for a fee.

Digital Environments

Digital environments such as media environments, games, virtual reality and mixed reality. For example, a theme park ride based on mixed reality techniques.

Creative Industries

Creative industries that produce digital outputs such as designs.

Knowledge Economy

The knowledge economy is a broad trend whereby economic production is shifting from physical work to working from a computer. For example, an administrator who completes business processes with digital tools.


The automation of work with digital technology such as a bakery that automatically bags bread with an industrial robot.

Digital Marketing

Digital platforms for product development, promotion, advertising, pricing, distribution, sales and customer relationship management.


Digital production and distribution of media. For example, a streaming media service that provides movies, television and music to consumers.

Social Media

Tools that allow anyone to publish to the internet.


Publishing to digital formats such as an ebook or blog.

Research & Development

Most research and development depends on digital tools such as statistics platforms.

Intellectual Property

The development, use and licensing of intellectual property related to information technology.
Overview: Digital Economy
The creation and capture of value using computers and networks.
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