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5 Examples of Digital Convergence

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Digital Convergence is the tendency for different technologies, media, content, services and applications to become more similar with time. This is a long term trend that has several elements:


It is common for technologies that are viewed as very different to develop similar features with time that blur differences. In 1995, a television and a mobile phone were completely different devices. In recent years, they may have similar features such as the ability to connect to wifi, play rich internet-based media and run apps. People may use either their television or phone to play a game or communicate with relatives, using the same software.

Media & Content

Television and internet services were once viewed as separate but have begun to converge. It is likely that music, movies, video games and informational content will eventually converge to the point that they are no longer distinct formats. For example, future music may always come with an interactive music video that resembles a game. Likewise, movies are likely to become interactive with time to the point that they also resemble games.

Services & Applications

In the late 1990s, there was a large difference between business and consumer software and services. With time, this line has blurred. Technology tends to move from a large number of highly specific tools towards a small set of flexible tools with broad applications.

Robots & Machines

It is increasingly common for machines such as vehicles or appliances to have semi-autonomous features that technically make them robots.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can be viewed as the convergence of real life with digital entities such as games and information environments.
Overview: Digital Convergence
Technology Trends
The tendency for different technologies, media, content, services and applications to become more similar with time.
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