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52 Examples of Digital Products

Digital products are intangible electronic things that are sold on a transactional basis. This can be contrasted with digital services that are provided over a period of time. As they have no physical presence, digital products are typically tied to some type of value creation such as art or the development of a video game. This is currently a relatively small market as compared to the market for digital services that is an increasingly large part of GDP. The following are illustrative examples of a digital product.
Artificial Intelligences
Audio Files
Browser Plugins
Design Elements
Digital Art
Digital Education & Training
Digital Greeting Cards
Digital Publications
Document Templates
Game Abilities, Powers & Social Status
Game Features
Game Items
Game Points / Credits / Status
Graphics & Icons
Mobile App Content
Mobile App Features
Mobile Apps
Printable 3d Things
Printable Designs
Research Papers / White Papers
Software Plugins, Customizations & Addons
Training Materials
Video Game Content
Video Game Mods
Video Games
Virtual Billboards
Virtual Characters, Identities & Names
Virtual Consumer Products
Virtual Fashion
Virtual Food
Virtual Pets
Virtual Real Estate
Virtual Spaces / Resources
Virtual Vehicles
Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Overview: Digital Products
Intangible electronic things that are sold on a transactional basis.
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