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17 Examples of Digital Goods

 , December 17, 2017
Digital goods are products and services that are completely delivered using information technology. In other words, they don't involve an exchange of physical things. The following are illustrative examples of a digital good.


Information such as an ebook or website.


Media such as movies, music and publications that are delivered as digital files or streaming services.


Digital communities such as a social media site.


Games are often delivered without a physical medium.


Rights to physical things that trade as electronic contracts. For example, a gold fund or stock that is traded in a digital market.


Currency is often stored in a digital format such as a bank account.

Virtual Goods

Goods that don't relate to things in the real world such as clothing, avatars, property, gifts and tools that are sold in a game.


Art and photographs that are sold and used in a digital format.


Designs such as a graphic design that is completely electronic.


Digital advertising that communicates marketing messages to people as part of a digital experience.


Software such as a mobile application.


Education services that occur in a digital environment such as a video chat based lesson with a tutor.


Communication services such as mobile web and telephony services provided by a telecom company.


Computing services such as a cloud storage service.


Infrastructure such as a service that provides digital certificates for use in encryption and authentication.


Consulting services delivered remotely such as a firm that offers information security services to remote clients.


Data services such as a customer analytics service.
Overview: Digital Goods
DefinitionProducts and services that are completely delivered using information technology.
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