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52 Examples of Digital Industry

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Digital industry is the branch of the economy that produces digital hardware, services or experiences. All industries use digital technology to some extent and this tends to increase over time such that all industries are converging towards digital. The following are examples of digital industries.
Agriculture technology
Data analytics
Advanced manufacturing
Aerospace technology
Artificial intelligence
Augmented reality
Autonomous vehicles
Cloud computing
Cloud platforms
Cloud storage
Computing hardware
Consumer electronics
Data services
Digital advertising
Digital art
Digital banking
Digital collectibles
Digital communication
Digital design
Digital entertainment
Digital events
Digital government services
Digital infrastructure
Digital marketing
Digital markets
Digital media
Digital payments
Digital publishing
Digital services
Education technology
Energy systems
Factory automation
Health technology
Home automation
Information technology
Machine learning
Mobile apps
Retail technology
Satellite systems
Scientific instruments
Smart cities
Social media
Software development
Space technology
Streaming media
Video games
Virtual reality
Interestingly, some new technologies such as advanced materials and quantum computing are non-digital.
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