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Electronic Business

24 Examples of Ebusiness

Ebusiness is any business activity that takes place over the internet or other external networks. This is a broad trend that began with the commercialization of the internet in the mid-1990s that continues to intensify to this day. Any business process can be converted to an ebusiness. For example, a firm can outsource manufacturing using electronic systems such as eprocurement. The following are common types of ebusiness activity.
Business Process Outsourcing
Competitive Intelligence
Customer Self-Service
Customer Service
Data Acquisition
Digital Advertising
Digital Marketing
Digital Markets
Digital Products
Digital Services
Electronic Billing
Electronic Payments
Electronic Procurement
Infrastructure as a Service
Market Research
Partner Integration
Platform as a Service
Public Relations
Remote Work
Software as a Service
Work From Home


Ebusiness is typically done to reduce costs and improve speed. Many new firms are built from the ground up on ebusiness processes such that they have nothing that depends on a physical office location or local area network. This may be fundamentally more resilient than the old model where everything was dependent on physical locations such as a head office. Ebusiness also allows for great scale of distribution and marketing. For example, selling through a global ecommerce presence as opposed to face-to-face sales that is constrained by your ability to travel to each customer and partner.


There are no inherent disadvantages of ebusiness but firms often fail to implement it intelligently and well. For example, outsourcing your customer service to a partner with electronic integration can be a mistake if customer service is a potential competitive advantage. A partner doesn't know your products and culture such that it will only provide standard service where you could do much better.


Physical business activities will always exist. Products will continue to be physically manufactured and customers will continue to visit physical environments. However, the percentage of business activities that can be converted to ebusiness is extremely high. For example, a firm that develops, tests, launches, markets and supports products without every meeting in a physical office.
Overview: Ebusiness
Business activity that takes place over the internet or other external networks.
Also Known As
Electronic Business
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