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52 Examples of Employee Needs

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Employee needs are the essential conditions that allow employees to thrive in a job. This can vary by person. For example, one employee may require a precise job description and clear directions while another may prefer autonomy as they push things forward themselves. The following are common examples of employee needs including basic working conditions.
Water, tea and coffee
Comfortable seating
Desks and work areas
Clean environments
Air quality
Temperature controlled environments
Restroom facilities
Accessible work environments
Adequate lighting
Physical safety and security
Fair compensation
Retirement Plans
Meaningful work
Challenging work
Task variety
Sense of purpose
Reasonable workload
Overtime compensation
Adequate tools
Adequate systems & processes
Respect and dignity
Polite treatment
Job security
Flexible hours
Clear roles & responsibilities
Supportive leadership
Professional development
Career opportunities
Recognition & appreciation
Clear work policies
Code of conduct
Enforcement of code of conduct
Management transparency
Management accountability
Employee privacy
Meeting spaces
Tolerable noise levels
Childcare Services
Parking and bicycle parking
Paid time off
Sick leave
Family and medical leave
Unpaid leave
Fire safety
Worksite safety
Hazardous materials safety
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