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41 Examples of a Growth Opportunity

 , June 09, 2023
Growth opportunities are programs, policies and support that help an employee to grow their career while in a job. This centers around training and education support. Growth opportunities also include promotions, high value work assignments, networking events and the flexibility to extend a role and grow within a job. The following are common examples of growth opportunities.
Training programs
Leadership roles
Leadership development programs
Succession planning – the possibility of being identified as a successor for an executive
Industry conferences
Education support and tuition reimbursement
Job rotations
Networking events
Internal job postings
Committees that you can join
Self-directed learning
Stretch assignments – difficult work assignments that give you a chance to show what you can do
Professional certifications
Professional networking opportunities
Job enrichment – shaping a job to be more rewarding
Job redesign – job descriptions that aren’t set in stone
Job enlargement – taking on more responsibilities
Internal transfers
Work-life balance policies
Generous paid time off – opportunity to pursue interests
Career counseling
Internal career change opportunities
On the job training
Budget for external training
Community involvement opportunities
International assignments
Business travel opportunities
Secondment opportunities
Employee awards and recognition programs
Public speaking opportunities
Opportunities to work with well-known people in an an industry or profession
Job shadowing
Getting your name on publications and patents
Participation in cutting-edge research
Working for a high profile firm with a stellar reputation
Working with high profile clients and partners
Work that is fulfilling in some way such as creative, social or strategic
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