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16 Examples of Contingent Workforce Management

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Contingent workforce management is the practice of directing and administering a firm's contingent workforce -- contributors who work for an organization on a non-permanent basis. This is a human resources function that is similar to managing employees with the opportunity to share services between the two practices. The following are basic examples of contingent workforce management.

Workforce Planning

Planning your contingent workforce needs including skill sets.

Job Planning

Identifying roles and developing job descriptions.


Identifying sources of job candidates.

Candidate Screening

Developing shortlists of candidates.

Candidate Selection

Candidate selection including interviewing and background checks.


The process of welcoming contributors and providing them with everything they need to be productive.


The creation and management of workforce schedules such as shifts.

Performance Management

Setting goals, providing feedback, monitoring and evaluating performance.

Human Resources

Providing human resources services for contingent workforce members such as the ability to lodge a complaint.


Workforce related compliance such as labor laws, taxes and work authorization requirements.

Invoices & Payments

Validating and paying invoices from agencies, freelancers and vendors.

Renewals & Extensions

Renewals, extensions and the process of potentially hiring temporary employees, contractors or freelancers.

Talent Pool Management

Developing a pool of qualified contingent workers to meet future and seasonal needs.


Managing the exit process for contingent workers.

Workforce Reporting

Reporting the cost, performance and utilization of contingent workers.

Relationship Management

Managing relationships with agencies, vendors and freelancers.
Overview: Contingent Workforce Management
Human Resource Management
The practice of managing an organization's contingent workforce.
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