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50 Examples of Workforce Management

 , March 17, 2023
Workforce management is the end-to-end process of managing executives, employees, contractors, consultants, freelancers, interns, trainees, apprentices, outsource partners, seasonal and temporary workers. This can be viewed as extending the traditional process of managing employees to a modern organization that has many types of worker. Workforce management includes both human resources functions such as recruiting and team management functions such as scheduling. The following are common examples of workforce management.
Attendance monitoring
Awards and recognition programs
Benefits administration
Candidate screening
Competancy management – making sure an organization has the talent required to achieve its goals
Compliance audits
Compliance management – including HR and procurement related compliance
Conflict resolution
Contract negotiations
Employee assistance
Employee development
Employee engagement
Employee handbook
Employee referrals
Employer branding
Goal setting
Incentive programs
Job descriptions
Leadership development
Leave management
Managing low performance
Performance feedback
Performance incentives
Performance management
Policy enforcement
Procurement of consulting and business services
Productivity analysis
Resource allocation
Salary negotiations
Schedule management
Shift management
Skill assessments
Succession planning
Supplier performance management
Talent retention
Team building
Team management
Time tracking
Training programs
Vendor management
Work policies
Workforce analysis
Workforce communication
Workforce reporting
Workplace safety

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