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44 Examples of Business Performance

Business performance is how well a business achieves its objectives. This can't be measured with a single metric but rather requires a set of balanced metrics to capture. For example, if you measured a business on quarterly profitability alone, that business might damage its reputation, customer relationships and brand value in order to achieve this objective. The following are common ways to measure business performance.
Revenue and revenue growth
Gross margins
Net profit
Return on investment
Return on assets
Return on equity
Overhead costs
Revenue per employee
Accounts receivable turnover
Interest coverage ratio
Current ratio
Free cash flow
Operating expenses
Capacity utilization
Inventory turnover
Market share
Churn rate
Customer satisfaction
Net promoter score
Customer loyalty
Customer acquisition cost
Customer lifetime value
Customer engagement
Customer complaints
Product returns
Employee satisfaction
Brand recognition
Brand awareness
Employee turnover rate
Employee tenure
Safety incidents
Cybersecurity incidents
Product ratings by customers
Service ratings by customers
Reputation scores such as brand perception surveys
Service reliability rate
Defect rate
Product and service performance metrics [industry specific]
Cost of Quality
Cost of Risk
Standards compliance
Regulatory compliance
Environmental and social impact
All of the metrics above indicate much about the state of a business. How this is interpreted is industry specific. For example, there is a large difference in revenue per employee based on the labor and capital intensity of an industry. As such, performance is benchmarked against peers in the same industry.
How you measure the performance of teams in a business may be very different from how you measure the business as a whole. For example, you may view win rate as important to sales or conversion rate as important to marketing but these aren't typically relevant to the entire business.
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