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21 Types of Employee Performance

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Employee performance is the value that an individual adds to an organization in a period of time. The following are common types of employee performance.


Developing plans that achieve goals.

Planning & Execution

The execution of strategy and achievement of objectives and goals.

Decision Making

Timely and effective decisions.

Problem Solving

Resolving issues and troubleshooting problems.

Risk Management

Identifying and treating risks before they become problems.


The output the employee generates in a unit of time such as a month or day.

Turnaround Time

Timely response to requests.

Work Quality

Outputs that are valuable to your organization. For example, an analysis document that is fit for purpose, complete, accurate, credible and actionable.


Employees who build positive relationships with stakeholders such as investors, regulators, partners, customers, communities and other employees.


Influencing such as obtaining funding or closing sales.

Customer Service

Providing diligent service that leaves customers satisfied.


Contributing to the work of others and team culture in some positive way.


Getting people moving in the same direction towards a common objective.


Controlling processes and procedures to achieve uniform results.


Research, investigation and experimentation to develop new knowledge.


The creation of novel value such as an innovative process or design.


Organizing processes, projects and activities.


Compliance to rules, regulations, standards, processes and practices.


Contributing to the knowledge of the organization in some useful way. For example, an individual who is often asked questions as they are respected for their knowledge in a particular domain.


Sharing valuable information in an effective way such as a manager who communicates an urgent problem and a solution.


Acting as an change agent.


The performance objectives of individual employees are typically communicated upfront as part of a goal setting session.
Overview: Employee Performance
Employee performance is the value that an individual adds to an organization in a period of time.
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