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3 Examples of a Performance Review

A performance review is an assessment of an employee's performance in a role for a period of time. This is an important artifact for both the employee and employer. The following are examples of a completed performance review template.

Software Developer

A performance review document is typically completed in several parts. At the start of the performance period, the employee and their manager agree to a set of performance objectives resulting in the first version of the document. The employee evaluates their performance against objectives at the end of the year to produce a self-assessment. The employee's direct manager takes the self-assessment and adds their assessment to produce the final review. Feedback from other managers or stakeholders may be included as an addendum and should be considered by the direct manager. The following is an example of a finalized performance review for a software developer that would be signed by both the employee and their manager.

Customer Service

Performance may be reviewed periodically, often quarterly or semi-annually using the objectives for a year. The following is an example of a mid-year review for a customer service representative. A score may be given but it is typically the final review for the year that is used for employment considerations such as bonuses and promotions. The following customer service example is a mid-year review with disagreement regarding performance levels between the manager and employee whereby the manager rates performance low and indicates a performance improvement plan is required.


Sales performance reviews are often mostly based on achievement of sales quotas and other revenue targets. Where a quota was set aggressively high a sales representative may get a good performance review despite missing the target.


The templates above rate performance on a scale from A-D. Any scale can be used such as exceptional, high, acceptable, low. It is a good practice to define these levels in some detail.

Performance Review

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