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44 Examples of Customer Retention

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Customer retention is the practice of reducing the loss of customers to competitors. This has two major flavors: customer experience and promotional methods. With customer experience, customers don't leave because you are giving them much value. Promotional methods seek to pull the customer in again and again. The following are common examples of customer retention strategies.
Loyalty programs
Referral rewards
Friendly and diligence customer service
Customer relationships - know the customer by name
Follow-up calls
Drip marketing - regularly messaging the customer without going too far
Replying to customers in social media
Replying to reviews
Compensate dissatisfied customers to try to turn things around
Accurate billing
Fast order turnaround
Apologizing for problems or delays
Upselling and cross-selling activities
Discount coupons with every purchase - valuable coupons with an expiry date
Exclusive sales for loyal customers
Subscription models
Product bundling - cancel one and you miss out on the bundle discount
Friends & family discounts - cancel one and everyone's price goes up
Rent to own - cancel and you need to pay for the thing you're renting to own in a single installment
High quality products and services
Service professionalism
Listening to the customer - feedback that drives change
Loyalty tiers
Personalization tactics
Cashback rewards
Tiered discounts - purchase frequently to save more
Engaging customers in your business e.g. nightclub that takes requests
Surprise rewards for customer who haven't purchased recently
Easy returns
Free gifts
Complimentary services
Customer is always right - culture of respect for the customer
Stable pricing - unexplained price increases can drive defection
Stable stock - customers will leave if you're always out of stock
Consistent experience - e.g. a dish at a restaurant that is always the same size
Do good for people and planet
Deserve the business - generally give more than the competition
Product positioning - offer something unique on the market
Price leadership - be the cheapest for some acceptable level of quality and customers are less likely to leave
Convenience - be the easiest to do business with
Location - be the closest to the customer e.g. a restaurant in a business district
Usability - highly usable products are rare and difficult to give up
Help the customer to use your products and services - support way beyond the order process
Personalization is commonly mentioned as a retention strategy but this feels weak. However, approaches such as accurate product recommendations when a customer visits may encourage repeat purchases that equate to retention.


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