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What is Ambient Advertising?

 , updated on April 04, 2017
Ambient advertising is the integration of ads into everyday environments.


Ambient advertising is associated with ads in infrastructure, public spaces, vehicles, equipment, furniture and other everyday items. This is often replicated in game environments that may place ads on every imaginable game element.

Risks & Controversies

Generally speaking, people tire of advertising and aren't necessarily impressed with they find ads in a new place. Customers may perceive certain ads on every day items as desperate and invasive. In some cases, ambient ads on bridges, tunnels and other transportation infrastructure have been perceived as a distracting safety hazard giving the term somewhat negative connotations.


Ambient ads are often custom one-place ads that are creative and fun. Some are successful in generating a reasonable about of attention and may be covered by media such as blogs when they are truly imaginative. In many cases, ambient ads are 3d objects that resemble installation art. Other ambient ads sponsor useful items such as comfortable street furniture that wouldn't otherwise exist.
Overview: Ambient Advertising
DefinitionThe integration of ads into everyday environments.
ValueTypically highly noticeable.
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