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10 Examples of Implementation Risk

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Implementation risk is the potential for a development or deployment failure. In practice, the term is often used for risks related to a production launch. The following are common examples of implementation risk.


A transaction between a legacy system and an ERP fails in production.


Production data contains inconsistencies that cause a bank's web site deployment to fail.

Benefit Realization

A sales force automation tool changes its user interface with the business case that it will improve customer satisfaction. At launch, social media is filled with complaints about the change. Customer satisfaction plummets and executives order the implementation backed out.


Implementation of unstable code causes a manufacturing system to repeatedly crash.

Information Security

A web browser implements a new feature that contains information security vulnerabilities that lead to widespread security attacks.


An ERP system is launched without sufficient consideration of production processes such as sales & operations planning resulting in costly disruptions to a firm's supply chain.


A new production line is launched with technically correct systems and equipment but quality control tests fail at a high rate because operational staff weren't trained properly.

Deployment Process

Procedures to deploy a system fail and the change needs to be backed out.

Back Out Process

A deployment fails and back out procedures also fail to restore the system. The system remains down for an extended period of time as teams troubleshoot the problem.


A bank launches a new stock trading service. Orders are executed but settlement fails due to integration issues with a partner. The partner lacks resolve to fix the issues on their side and is difficult to push.
Overview: Implementation Risk
Definition (1)
The potential for a development or deployment failure.
Definition (2)
The potential for business failures caused by a production launch.
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