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Kobayashi Maru

5 Examples of There Is No Alternative

 , September 18, 2018 updated on December 03, 2019
There is no alternative, or TINA, is a situation where one option in a set of choices is completely dominant such that there is effectively no choice to be made. The following are illustrative examples.

Market Economy

There is no alternative originated as a political slogan of conservative British prime minister Margaret Thatcher. It was used to represent her claim that the market economy is the only system that works. As such, the phrase is associated with capitalism and globalization of markets. It is also common for the phrase to be used in a sarcastic way to suggest that global capitalism has become oppressive and unresponsive to the will of the people.


TINA is often used in investing to suggest that a particular asset class, currency or security is dominant at a point in time such that no realistic alternatives exist. This tends to be a miserable situation where there is little or no incentive for original thinking and initiative due to market conditions. For example, an environment of high inflation and recession where stocks and bonds have difficulty providing a return that exceeds the inflation rate. This may drive investors to assets such as gold in an attempt to preserve wealth.

Products & Services

There is no alternative can be used to describe the dominance of a product or service such that choosing an alternative represents a significant sacrifice. For example, a telecom company that is the only provider of high speed internet services in a city. This tends to be a oppressive situation whereby the single provider may charge high prices and be unresponsive to quality and customer satisfaction issues. The provider may also use this position to attempt to gain monopolies in other industries such as media.

Strategic Dominance

Strategic dominance is your best strategic choice in a competitive situation, whatever your competition does. For example, a technology company lacks capabilities in data center management such that quality is low and costs unusually high. The firm's dominant strategic choice may be to sell their data centers to a provider who knows what they are doing. This may be the best choice even if most of the competition is increasing their investments in data centers.


There is no alternative can be applied to a risk that has to be reduced because it represents an existential threat. For example, if a group of chemicals are impacting the reproductive health of a nation, this may have broad impacts on the future of that nation such that accepting this risk is an extremely poor choice.
Overview: There Is No Alternative
A situation where one option in a set of choices is completely dominant such that there is effectively no choice to be made.
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Margaret Thatcher
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