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7 Elements of Strategy Implementation

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Strategy implementation is the process of developing, communicating and executing a plan to achieve strategic goals. The following are the basic elements of strategy implementation.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of developing a strategy including elements such as mission, vision, principles, goals and plans. This precedes strategy implementation but there is also a fuzzy grey line between the two. For example, the prioritization of strategic goals may be considered part of implementation or planning. Likewise, artifacts such as business plans and business cases may be developed as part of either strategic planning or implementation.

Strategy Communication

The process of communicating strategy to stakeholders.

Management by Objectives

Management by objectives is the process of implementing strategy by setting measurable objectives for every team and individual in your organization and then managing performance against these objectives.

Action Plan

An action plan is a tool for implementing strategy without a large project. This is appropriate for a strategic goal that can be achieved by a single individual or small team.

Programs & Projects

Strategy implementation may require formal programs and projects.

Change Management

Change management is the practice of leading change, particularly in the context of programs and projects that expect resistance to change.

Strategy Monitoring

Monitoring the implementation of strategy and the achievement of strategic goals. Strategy is typically changed in a tactical way as you measure what is working or failing.
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