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65 Examples of Life Purpose

Life purpose is the reason that an individual feels driven in life. This is often described as the answer to -- why? Although much is made of trying to "find" your purpose in life, people innately feel a sense of purpose in areas such as existence, relatedness and growth whereby most people feel a sense of drive in one direction or another. Nevertheless, it is also common for people to rethink their purpose and to adopt a new purpose. The following are illustrative examples of a life purpose.
Acceptance & Inclusion
Learning to accept others and working to include them in things.
Aesthetic Life
Pursuit of beauty and other aesthetics such as minimalism.
Being Yourself
Pursuit of what comes naturally.
Being a Good Person
Doing good as you see it.
Overcoming fears.
Building Up Others
Working to create opportunity for others.
The pursuit of value creation and capture.
Comfort & Convenience
Avoiding effort and pain. Generally viewed as a low / undesirable purpose.
The pursuit of competition and winning including games, sport and real life competitions.
Building social connections and relationships.
Conservation / Animals
Working to save animals or make things better for them.
Not caring about the things that don't matter.
Creative Expression
Pursuit of creative expression such as art_,_ design or craft.
Cultural Life
Pursuit of cultural experience_,_ immersion and expression.
Deep Emotion
Cultivating emotional depth and understanding.
Deferring Judgement
Becoming less judgemental / opinionated.
Ding in the Universe
Contributing in some small way to the direction of the future.
Making the imagined real.
Working to help save the environment.
Epic Experience
Pursuit of adventure and other thrilling experiences.
The drive to survive.
Family experiences and fulfillment of your role in a family such as parenting.
Finding Yourself
Pushing yourself into challenging situations to learn about yourself.
Living free and working to preserve your freedoms.
Reciprocal relationships with people you like and respect.
Gratitude & Humility
Living with a sense that you rely and others and appreciate how they have helped you.
Developing social, economic and personal toughness.
Constantly improving your material_,_ social and personal situation.
Embracing the dark oddities of life with humor.
Pursuit of curiosity and learning.
Becoming a person that others follow.
Developing talents and knowledge.
Life Experience
Pursuit of the human experience.
Living in the Present
Learning to live in the moment without obsessing over past and future.
Unconditional admiration and mutual support.
Refining and perfecting a talent.
Pursuit of a goal such as something you want to become.
The pursuit of a past that is gone never to return.
Overcoming the Past
Forgiveness and other processes that help you to overcome the past.
Personal Expression
Expressing who you are.
Personal Presence
Becoming socially dominant.
Developing positive character traits and retiring negative ones.
Establishing a healthy view of things (e.g. seeing that a particular problem is not the end of the world).
Pursuit of joy for the sake of joy.
Pursuit of self-indulgence.
Profession & Career
Mastering a profession and pursuit of a meaningful career.
Redemption & Atonement
Making up for things in the past that you're not proud of and overcoming them so that they no longer define you.
Social acceptance and inclusion.
Cultivating and sustaining relationships.
Being a person who is worthy of respect.
Doing what you have committed to do.
Safety & Security
Reducing danger.
Trying to understand yourself with a process of introspection.
Trying to be of service to the world.
Sense of Wonder
Gratitude for the small mysteries of life.
Social Experience
Moments of friendship and other social interactions.
Social Issues
Working to help improve social issues.
Social Status
Pursuit of respect without necessarily deserving it.
Spirituality & Religion
Pursuit of the meaning of life.
Pursuit of style in personal expression_,_ living and creative expression.
The Journey
The idea that the process is the purpose.
Overcoming painful elements of the human experience to operate at some higher level.
Pursuit of a vision of the future.
Building up financial resources.
Worthy Mission
Being part of the solution to big problems.

Life Goals

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