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34 Examples of Personal Productivity

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Personal productivity is the process of trying to get more value from your time. Time is a constrained resource for everyone such that people often feel that it escapes them or that they aren't getting enough done with their time. Personal productivity has two primary approaches known as time management and quality time. Time management is focused on producing more and more with each hour of work. Quality time is focused on the quality of your work and your experiences such as family life. The following are common examples of personal productivity.
Automating repetitive work
Batching similar tasks
Breaking work into tasks
Continually improving your routine
Daily reflection
Daily, monthly and annual goals
Deep work sessions
Digital detox
Digital organization
Distraction-free work
Keeping backups
Lifelong learning
Maintaining a productive routine
Outsourcing tasks
Prioritizing tasks
Quality time
Recognizing and learning from failure
Saying no to low value work
Scheduled downtime
Sense of urgency
Setting deadlines
Sleeping enough
Taking short breaks
To-do lists
Tools & technology
Tracking time and productivity
Workflow & procedures
Workspace organization

Time Management

The practice of finding ways to use time more efficiently to produce more with each unit of time. The spirit of time management is normally to do things faster and bigger in order to produce more. This includes approaches such as automation, tools, processes and focused work sessions.

Quality Time

Another approach to personal productivity is to take your time but to make sure that you are creating high value work, cultivating relationships and pursuing the life you truly want and need.


Personal productivity is the process of creating more overall value with your time. This can involve approaches to do things faster, bigger and better. Alternatively, personal productivity can involve slowing down and reflecting on each priority, task and experience to improve the quality of your life and work.
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