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3 Examples of a Personal Plan

A personal plan is a set of actions that you intend to take to change your life. This is the primary output of personal planning processes whereby you may examine your values, goals, character, talents, weaknesses, strengths, problems and opportunities to formulate an action plan. The following are illustrative examples of a personal plan.


A personal plan for a student includes actions to achieve student goals. If you're doing this for your school they will probably require that it be smart meaning that you need a specific date and measurement criteria for each goal. Anything that can be confirmed as complete is measurable. If you are doing a plan for yourself, measurements aren't as important as intentions.


In some cases, a personal plan is heavily focused on career goals. Career goals often have similar target dates related to the end of a year or end of a quarter. In this case, a date can be included as a field as opposed to a column. The following is an example of a personal career plan for an ambitious early career professional who seeks to network and gain valuable experience for a management track career.


A plan to take actions that are meaningful to your life goals. This is an informal type of plan where measurements can be self-evaluations.

Personal Planning

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