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4 Examples of a Checklist

A checklist is a series of items that can be marked as completed or confirmed. These are commonly used as procedures, tools, audits, assessments and questionnaires. The following are illustrative examples of checklists.

Audits / Audit Trail / Inspections

Checklists are commonly used to create an audit trail to show that things were done. For example, a safety checklist for a construction site that is filled out and signed by the site manager.


Checklists are ideal for procedures that don't require much structure such as ordering of steps. For example, the procedures for closing a restaurant kitchen at night.


Checklists can include some level of structure such as steps that are dependencies for other steps. For example, an onboarding process where a manager needs to complete certain steps before a new employee arrives for their first day.

To-do List

A to-do list is a productivity tool that lists a series of steps, tasks or objectives that you would like to complete. These are checked off as you complete them in order to track your progress and to avoid forgetting steps.


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