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Quality issues are shortfalls, bugs, defects and failures of a product or service. These are caused by things like design flaws, manufacturing issues, inadequate quality control, system problems and service issues. Quality issues can be defined in terms of a failure to match product descriptions, product marketing, specifications and relevant standards. They can also be defined as a failure to meet the reasonable expectations of the customer. The following are common examples of quality issues.
Algorithms / AI with unreliable performance
Annoying features e.g. beeps too much
Configurations don’t work
Crashes or freezes
Damaged parts or components
Difficult to clean
Difficult to maintain
Distracting features
Doesn’t integrate
Excessively fragile
Faulty wiring
Flawed design
Functions don’t work
Generally broken
Inaccurate billing
Inaccurate calibration
Inaccurate sensors
Inconsistent service
Inconsistent sizing
Incorrect communications
Incorrect data
Incorrect dimensions
Incorrect formulation
Incorrect labels
Incorrect measurements
Incorrect messages
Incorrect transactions
Ineffective for use
Inefficient – excessive resource consumption
Interface changes user input
Lack of error tolerance
Language issues
Latent human error - interface makes it easy to make mistakes
Limited range of use
Localization issues – e.g. sets language based on location
Login or authentication problems
Loose components
Loose connectors
Low-quality materials
Misaligned seams
Missing / lacking functionality
Missing parts
New item appears to have been used
No expiration date
Not water resistant
Package arrives open / safety seal broken
Packaging damaged
Pealing paint
Poor accessibility
Poor battery charging performance
Poor craftsmanship
Poor durability
Poor ergonomics
Poor finish
Poor fit
Poor quality outputs
Poor quality packaging
Poor service
Poor stitching
Poor taste
Poor usability
Premature wear
Scratches or dents
Security vulnerabilities
Service accuracy e.g. order incorrect
Short battery life
Slippery surfaces
Slow performance
Slow response times
Slow service
Structural flaws
Thin materials
Uncomfortable fit
Undercooked / overcooked
Uneven color
Unfriendly service
Unpleasant odor
Unprofessional service
Unreliable notifications
Unreliable performance
Unresponsive controls
Unresponsive service
Unsafe / inadequate safety features
Weak adhesive
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