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30 Examples of Customer Outcomes

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Customer outcomes are the benefits to the customer of a product, service or customer experience. These are commonly used as business goals and evaluations of business performance. Customer outcomes can be measured with surveys and it is also possible to examine outcomes in detail using interviews to produce detailed analysis or customer success stories. The following are common types of customer outcome.
Cost Savings
Customer Service Quality
Fair Terms
Faster Service
Financial Outcomes
Health & Wellness
Improves Decisions
Increased Happiness
Meets a Need
Provides Information
Required Style or Color
Simplifies Things
Social Status
Social Outcomes
Solves a Problem
Stress Reduction
Time Savings

Measuring Outcomes

Customer outcomes are quite diverse and are based on customer perceptions and how they use your offerings. It is common to measure customer outcomes using generalized questions such as simply asking customers if they are satisfied. The following are common measures of customer outcomes.


Customer outcomes can be examined as a high level metric such as customer satisfaction. It is also common to look at several types of satisfaction with a survey that asks customer to rate several elements of the customer experience. Detailed analysis can also be conducted to look at the different ways individual customers succeed with your offerings. This has many possible dimensions as follows.
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