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11 Examples of Quality Requirements

 , August 17, 2017
Quality requirements are specifications of the quality of products, services, processes or environments. Quality is any element, tangible or intangible, that gives things value beyond their functionality and features. The following are illustrative examples of quality requirements.


Enduring and consistent performance in real world conditions. For example, a drum designed to maintain its sound for at least 150,000 strikes.


The requirement that units be the same or that units be internally consistent. For example, apples that are mostly the same size with similar appearance and taste.


The availability of a service. For example, a requirement for a software service to be up 99.99% of the time.


Requirements related to ease of use such as a can of coffee that is easy for everyone to open and reseal.

Customer Experience

Requirements that make a product or service more pleasing to customers. For example, the requirement that coffee smell good when you first open the can.

Look & Feel

The look and feel of products and services such as the aesthetics of a mobile device.


The quality of environments such as the interior design of a hotel lobby.

Customer Service

Customer service requirements such as the practice of greeting guests of a hotel by all staff in common areas such as hallways.


Performance requirements such as the responsiveness and speed of a user interface.


Requirements that things be easy to maintain and fix. For example, a mobile device with elements that can be swapped in and out by users to upgrade or replace things.

Materials & Ingredients

Specifications of material and ingredient quality such as the requirement that coffee be organic coffee of a particular appellation.
Overview: Quality Requirements
DefinitionSpecifications of the quality of products, services, processes or environments.
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