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14 Types of Experience Quality

 , April 29, 2017
Experience quality is the value of an experience to customers. It is a measure of customer perceptions that can be applied to diverse services including areas such as medicine, technology, travel, entertainment and hospitality. The following are common types of experience quality.

Customer Service

The quality of person-to-person interactions between customers and your employees.


The character and atmosphere of physical environments. For example, a lively restaurant with an interesting decor.

User Interfaces

The quality of user interfaces such as a website, app or game. For example, an app that is intensely engaging and useful.

Communication & Information

The quality of your communications. For example, a theme park that clearly communicates how things work so that visitors don't end up lost and confused.

Processes & Activities

The quality of customer-facing processes and activities. For example, a theme park with long lines for attractions versus a system of reservations.


Delivery to commitments and expectations. For example, a telecom company that fixes a technical problem within a reasonable amount of time.


Services that adapt to situations as opposed to applying rigid policies that don't always make sense.

Empathy & Tailoring

Services that adapt to individual needs, personality, situation and mood. For example, a waiter who senses that one customer wants frequent service while another is engaged in conversation and would prefer less service.

Reliability & Consistency

An experience that is pleasantly reliable and consistent such as a train that is on time 99.9% of the time.

Competence & Diligence

Employees who are competent and diligent. For example, a doctor who is clearly knowledgeable, conscientious and methodical.

Image & Identity

The extent to which customers identify with an experience. For example, a fan of a sports team who views the team's success with a sense of personal involvement.


Experiences that are engaging such as a concert that is intense.


Risk related elements of experience such as safety and security. For example, an amusement park that feels safe.


The tangible elements of an experience such as the quality of food on a flight.
Overview: Experience Quality
TypeCustomer Experience
DefinitionThe value of an experience to customers.
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