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15 Examples of Managerial Economics

 , updated on January 19, 2019
Managerial economics is the use of economic models and theories to guide business strategy, decisions and problem solving. The following are illustrative examples.


The use of supply and demand models to set prices. Pricing strategy may also be based on a wide range of economic theories such as the idea of a price signal, sticky price or price umbrella.

Business Model

Business models are the ways that a firm creates and captures value. This is always based on economics such as a theme park that is an example of club theory or a social media company that derives value from the network effect.

Capital Investment

Economics is key to the timing and sizing of capital investment. For example, an understanding of the business cycle is required to time investments in new capacity.


Using supply and demand forecasts to plan operations such as production.


Planning distribution elements such as warehouses, retail locations and product showrooms based on economies of density.


Seeking to defy the tendency for all goods to be quickly commoditized by finding ways to improve quality beyond the commodity level to command a premium price.


Modeling promotional efforts with attention economics. For example, calculating the payback for digital advertising that produces improvements in brand recognition.


Modeling risk using economics such as an insurance company that factors in adverse selection in their risk estimates.

Customer Needs

Formulating and estimating customer needs based on factors such as diminishing marginal utility.

Customer Experience

Customer experience related strategy such as using economies of scope to offer customers greater convenience.


Recognizing the power of technology to change economics resulting in opportunity and risk in markets. For example, cloud computing turned computers into a utility service. This drove down prices and created opportunities for a vast number of firms who could suddenly command large computing resources on demand at a relatively low cost.


Calculating the efficiency of your operations and products as a basic form of management accounting and optimization.


Measuring the productivity of workers, including knowledge workers, and finding ways to boost productivity such as investment in tools and automation.


Developing competitive advantages using foundational economics such as barriers to entry.

Small Business

Small businesses and startups also commonly use managerial economics. For example, a small business that seeks to avoid the market power of larger firms by creating niche products and services that do not compete directly with greater economies of scale. Small businesses may also seek to benefit from diseconomies of scale such as a large competitor that is slow to change.
Overview: Managerial Economics
DefinitionThe use of economic models and theories to guide business strategy, decisions, optimization and problem solving.
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