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21 Examples of Agritourism

Agritourism is the practice of offering services to tourists on an operational farm. This can include elements of lodging, dining, leisure, recreation, education, events and retail that help to diversify a farm's income. Agritourism can make a farm more resilient to swings in commodity prices and weather. The following are illustrative examples of agritourism.

Leisure & Recreation

Engaging activities such as horseback riding lessons or sleigh rides.


Attractions such as historical buildings or a maze constructed with crops.

Farm Stays

Offering lodging on a farm. This often resembles a bed and breakfast.

Farm Tours

Educational or entertaining tours of a farm.

Farm Restaurants

Restaurants on a farm that may feature food from the farm or at least local ingredients and specialties.

Farmer's Markets

Markets that are intended to allow farmers to reach consumers directly.

Farm Retail

Shops on a farm. For example, a bakery on an apple farm that offers apple pies and various apple breads and pastries.

Roadside Stands

Very small retail locations located on a road. In some cases, these are operated on an honor system.


Services that allow customers to pick fruit or other produce that they can take home.


Participating in an actual harvest in a safe way that is rewarding for participants. For example, participating in a traditional rice harvest is viewed as a valuable cultural experience in Japan.


Participating or viewing the production of foods such as the production of maple sugar from maple syrup.

Petting Farms

Services that offer interactions with animals such as feeding goats.

Education & Training

Lectures and hands-on activities that transfer knowledge related to a farm. For example, teaching hobbyists and school children how to grow a particular organic crop in a sustainable way.


Artistic pursuits that serve as an activity or attraction. For example, farms in Japan that make crop art from different colors of rice plant that can be viewed from a tower.


Operating a camp site on a farm possibly in combination with some of the agritourism services above.


A more luxurious and comfortable form of camping.

Day Camps

Offering daytime nature experiences with activities, education and supervision of children.

Event Services

Offering space and services for weddings and other events.


Holding your own events, often in partnership with other farms. For example, a food or beverage tasting event.

Hobby Farming

Offering training, support and very small plots of land to hobby farmers.

Community Farming

Providing elements of a community farm such as land, equipment, materials and training. For example, offering a number of small plots for schools or senior's residences to run their own vegetable gardens.
Overview: Agritourism
The practice of offering services to tourists on an operational farm.
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