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80 Examples of Commitment

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Commitment is the capacity to do what you say you will do no matter how difficult things may become. This is a valued personal trait that allows an individual to live up to the standards that they set for themselves. Commitment draws much respect from others and is amongst the most admirable and compelling of personal characteristics. The following are illustrative examples of how a person demonstrates commitment in their life and work.

Personal Commitment

Personal commitment is an ability to live up to your own standards and intentions. This also implies that you meet social commitments to others such as promises and pledges of loyalty.
Staying loyal and dedicated to a long-term relationship.
Fulfilling promises or at least trying hard to do so.
Apologizing where you fail to meet a commitment.
Working hard to improve where you have failed.
Unwavering dedication and loyalty to family.
Exercising on a regular schedule that you rarely or never miss.
Dedication to personal improvement and lifelong learning.
Showing up for important family events.
Relentless pursuit of mastery in an art, sport, profession or hobby.
Dedication to a cause.
Dedication to a style or aesthetic.
Dedication to cultural pursuit and to living a cultured life.
Dedication to adventure and pursuit of experience.
Dedication to volunteering and community engagement.
Regular attendance to a religious congregation such as a church.
Dedication to a sports team such that you rarely miss a game.
Keeping in touch with family and friends.
Working hard to sustain the income you need.
Paying your bills on time.
Consistently saving or paying down debt.
Fixing things when they break.
Facing problems as they occur.
Building and sustaining relationships.
Not being disloyal to anyone behind their backs.
Being honest and forthright about your intentions.
Persevering through adversity.
The ability to stick to a plan you make.
Work ethic and the ability to be productive and focused for an extended period of time.
Living up to your own values and ideals.
Careful planning and consideration before starting things.
Not saying you will do things without carefully thinking it through.
Following through and finishing what you start.
Graduating from schools you enter.
Maintaining consistently good grades.
Consistently giving your all to things even where results are disappointing.
Putting in extra hours when you get behind.
Retrying things after you have failed.
The humility to recognize your limits and not make promises you can’t keep.
Being on time and respecting the time of others.
Supporting friends and family through hard times.
Taking on roles and responsibility such that you are a person who others rely upon.
Offering unconditional love and unwavering support to your children.

Professional Commitment

Professional commitment is a dedication to achieving high standards in your work and delivering to commitments. This can involve carefully shaping your commitments and saying no to low value action items. Commitment is a valued professional trait that is a basis for a solid reputation in your company, industry and field.
Arriving on time for work, meetings & appointments.
Meeting deadlines for action items & deliverables.
Responding to messages & emails promptly.
Being available during business hours without exception.
Maintaining high attendance.
Managing commitments to not become overloaded.
Working at a sustainable pace that you can continue indefinitely.
Pitching in and working long hours to solve a high priority and urgent problem.
Professional development and a commitment to lifelong learning.
Being open to feedback and criticism.
Where criticism is valid make a real effort to change.
Taking on important roles & responsibilities.
Taking on important action items & projects.
Meeting schedules & budget.
Candidly communicating when schedule or budget will be missed.
Quickly recognizing and admitting to failures.
Accepting accountability for failures.
Following policy & procedure.
Being candid when you ignore a policy because it is nonsensical or obstructive.
Supporting coworkers when they have problems.
Genuinely supporting team members to help them succeed.
Genuinely doing the best thing for customers.
Building and sustaining professional relationships.
Going out of your way to help customers succeed.
Customer advocacy and pushing for change that is beneficial to customers.
Being diligent in your work.
Setting a high standard for the quality of your work.
Setting high expectations for others and helping them to meet these expectations.
Being transparent in your strategy and decision making.
Strictly maintaining confidentiality and respecting privacy.
Being there for others in a time of crisis or need.
Keeping it together when you face stress.
Preserving through problems to find solutions.
Addressing the root cause of problems so they don’t reoccur.
A strong moral compass and unwillingness to do wrong.
Cultivating a strong sense of professional ethics.
Respecting agreements and contracts.
Trying to maintain positive relationships and working to resolve conflicts.
Commitment is not perfection whereby it is simplistic to think that the most committed person is the person who doesn't miss a deadline or have a failed project. A truly committed professional will take risks and fail occasionally and this doesn't diminish their commitment or level of professionalism.
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