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Algorithms vs Code

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An algorithm is a series of steps for solving a problem, completing a task or performing a calculation. Algorithms are usually executed by computer programs but the term can also apply to steps in domains such as mathematics for human problem solving.
Code is a series of steps that machines can execute. In many cases, code is composed in a high level language that is then automatically translated into instructions that machines understand.

Algorithm vs Code

The term algorithm is traditionally used to indicate code that has a highly optimized design such as a well accepted solution to a complex problem in computer science. The term suggests code that has a rigorous design that solves a daunting problem.
Code is often low complexity, repetitive or non-critical. For example, code that displays a user interface, validates input, performs a transaction or calculates a value is usually straightforward to implement. Algorithms are at another level of complexity and may begin life as a research project or similarly intensive effort. Any code that is composed by a developer on the fly that doesn't solve a big problem isn't typically considered an algorithm.
It should be noted that it is common for firms to use the term algorithm simply because it sounds good. As such, the term is beginning to lose its meaning and is becoming increasingly synonymous with code.
Algorithm vs Code
A well designed series of steps for solving a big problem.
Instructions for machines to execute.
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