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4 Examples of Algorithmic Accountability

Algorithmic accountability is the principle that organizations are responsible for the technologies they implement. This can be applied to algorithms, automated business rules and artificial intelligence. The following are illustrative examples.

Magic Technology

The principle that it isn't acceptable for management of a firm to view their own technologies as magic -- whereby they understand its results but not its methods. For example, a credit card company that uses an artificial intelligence to reduce credit losses without understanding what the technology is doing to achieve this end.


The principle that the directors and governance bodies of a firm are accountable for the technologies employed by the firm. In other words, humans are accountable for technology such that technology can't be blamed for failures or noncompliance.


The principle that the decisions and strategies created by a technology create a human readable audit trail that is communicated to stakeholders. For example, if a government algorithm denies a driver's license to someone the reason for this denial would be communicated to the applicant in plain language.


The principle that technology can't be used as an excuse or route to avoid compliance to the law. For example, a mobile app for hailing taxis that is compliant with local regulations in the markets in which it operates.
Overview: Algorithmic Accountability
The principle that organizations are responsible for the technologies they implement.
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