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30 Useful Technology Theories

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A technology theory is any idea that has broad implications for technology and its impact on society and culture. These are often patterns, trends, methods and first principles that can be used to understand technology from a high level. This type of fundamental understanding is generally more valuable that specific knowledge about technology such as how to configure a particular widget. The following are potentially useful technology theories.
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Technology Forces

A list of forces that shape technology in the long run.


Examples of how technology disrupted societies, economies, industries and culture.

Technology Examples

The definition of technology with examples.

Importance Of Technology

An overview of the importance of technology.

Technology Skills

A list of technology skills and skill levels.

Words For Technology

A list of words for technology.

Physical Technology

The definition of physical technology with examples.

Technology Advantages

An overview of the potential advantages of technology with examples.

Color Depth

A list of the common types of color depth and the number of colors that can be displayed by each.

Technology Opposite

A list of opposites of technology.
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