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24 Examples of Technology

 , November 25, 2019
A technology is a practical tool that is based on scientific and engineering knowledge. The following are illustrative examples.


A machine is equipment that performs work using power.
A combine harvester is a machine that is used to harvest crops in an efficient way.

Simple Machines

A simple machine is one of six classical mechanical devices: lever, wheel, pulley, inclined plane, wedge and screw. Up until the industrial revolution, it was believed that all machines were some combination of these devices.
A bicycle is a simple machine composed of levers, pulleys and wheels.


Equipment is a broad term for any physical tool.
Sports equipment such as a golf club can be viewed as a technology.


Machines that are used to transport people and cargo.
Common vehicles include aircraft, ships, trains, trucks, cars and bicycles.


Computers are electronic machines that process data.
A smart phone is a type of computer that is designed to be portable and network connected.


Computers do little or nothing on their own but are designed to execute instructions known as software.
Software has two major types: systems that primarily automate things and applications that are designed to be used by people.

Information Technology

Information technology is a catch-all term for anything that uses computers and software.
Information technology is broadly divided into consumer technology that is designed to be used by individuals and enterprise technology that is designed to be used by businesses, governments and other organizations.


Information technology that is used to communicate and transfer data.
Fiber optic cables that are used to transmit data as light.


Sensors are a class of device that capture information about the real world.
A digital camera is a sensor that captures the properties of light at a point in time.


A robot is a machine that is autonomous or semi-autonomous meaning that it can deal with situations without external direction or control.
A robot vacuum cleaner that navigates obstacles in a home to clean without any human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a class of information technology that learns and self-improves.
A search engine that learns and improves by processing search queries and information sources.


Infrastructure is any foundational service that is essential to the functions of a society, city or organization.
Infrastructure includes hard infrastructure such as a bridge and soft infrastructure such as a stock market.


Energy production, distribution and storage technologies.
Solar panels and related technologies such as residential battery systems.


Materials that are engineered as opposed to naturally occurring.
Ceramics are a category of hard material that are created by heating minerals.


Architectural technology includes building materials, components and techniques.
Smart windows that automatically let light in or block it out to meet objectives such as heating and cooling a room.


Medical technology includes information technology, medicines and medical devices.
Medicines that are based on medical research are a technology.


Food and food production methods based on scientific knowledge.
Artificial foods such as a chemical food additive and technological processes and inputs that are used to grow food such as a pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer or soil conditioner.


Entertaining environments and customer experiences based on technology.
A theme park attraction or a video game.

Internet of Things

Products and infrastructure that contain computers that connect to the internet.
A pair of running shoes that connect to the cloud to store performance and medical data that can be accessed by a mobile app.

Low Technology

Technology that is relatively simple and inexpensive as compared to popular alternatives.
A record player that an individual actively uses as an alternative to modern media such as a streaming music service.

High Technology

Technology that is cutting edge at a point in time. This changes from one year to the next.
Cassette tape recorders were high technology in 1963.


Any technology smaller than 100 nanometers.
Nanotechnology can potentially include materials, machines and information technology such as a very small robot that is used inside the body to attack a disease.


Technologies need not be physical things but can also be services that are completely intangible.
A streaming media service that provides music and films on demand.


Spacecraft, satellites and other equipment for use in space or to support space missions from Earth.
A space probe is a robotic spacecraft that is used to discover space environments such as planets, moons or comets.
Overview: Technology Examples
A practical tool that is based on scientific knowledge.
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