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9 Examples of Consumer Software

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Consumer software is a class of commercial software that is sold directly to end-users as opposed to businesses. The term implies direct purchase of software as opposed to software that is embedded in products or services. Consumer software is almost always an application or app as opposed to a system. The following are common examples of consumer software.

Media & Games

Entertainment software such as a games and music players.


Information tools such as maps, financial data and news.


Educational software such as a game-like app for learning a language.

Communication Tools

Communication tools such as voice-over-ip software or a messaging app.

Office Productivity

Tools for creating documents.


Tax software and other personal financial tools.

Personal Productivity

Software for planning, organizational tasks and productivity such as a personal assistant.


Tools for creating things such as music, art or crafts.

Information Security

Information security software for personal devices such as a virus scanner for a laptop.
Overview: Consumer Software
Software that is sold directly to end-users.
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