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18 Types of Application Support

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Application support is the day-to-day process of operating an application. This includes providing a contact for users and managing the application to achieves its service level objectives. The following are common elements of application support.

Service Desk

A contact function that allows users to submit requests, report issues and ask questions.

Application Knowledge

The process of capturing, using and improving knowledge related to the application. For example, being able to answer common questions in a useful way.

Release & Deployment

Deploying changes for the developers of the application.

Configuration Management

Maintaining a history of the application's patch level, configuration and design including the current state.

Capacity Management

Ensuring that the application has enough capacity such as data storage, computing cycles and network bandwidth. Using resources efficiency without waste.

Information Security

Securing the application with techniques such as timely security patches, monitoring and escalation to information security teams.


Backup and restore of application environments and data.

Runbook Automation

The process of automating and semi-automating maintenance of the application with tools such as workflow.

Continuous Testing

Testing the application on a continual basis to detect problems before they impact users.


Monitoring the quality of service, performance and security of the application.


Measuring and reporting application metrics such as availability and mean time between failures.


Continually improving application support processes, knowledge and tools.

Incident Management

The process of detecting and resolving incidents.

First Level Support

The process of performing basic troubleshooting such as determining the likely source of an incident. For example, determining if a server or network is down.

Second Level Support

Resolution of incidents by an expert in the application or its underlying infrastructure.

Third Level Support

Resolution of incidents by the people in the organization who understand the application best. For example, the developers who coded or configured the application.

Problem Management

The process of resolving the root cause of incidents. This can be an extensive process that spans months. For example, replacing an unreliable telecom partner.

Business Continuity

Processes for operating the application after a major disruption such as a disaster. For example, maintaining a cold site.
Overview: Application Support
The process of operating an application.
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