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35 Examples of Infrastructure Software

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Infrastructure software is foundational software upon which the technology capabilities of an organization are built. The following are common examples.


Software that operates devices. Provided by the manufacturers of computing hardware.

Operating Systems

Basic software for computing that provides services to make use of hardware.


Foundational networking software such as a domain name system.


Software based firewalls that monitor and control network traffic based on rules.

Information Security

Information security software such as an intrusion detection scanner for networks and hosts.


Cryptographic software such as tools for generating keys and encrypting data.

Key Management

Platforms for managing cryptographic keys.

Identity & Access Management

Management of authentication and authorization.


Software for efficiently storing and using data.

Data Storage

Platforms and tools for storing and using files.

Data Processing

Data processing software such as an ETL tool that is used to migrate data from one database to another.


Integration platforms and tools such as a service for publishing and subscribing to data.


Server software such as a web server, application server or streaming media server.

Event Management

Software that monitors events and automates work based on events or complex patterns of events.

Batch Management

Software for managing batch processing.


Messaging software such as a smtp server that allows a host to send and receive email.


Media systems such as an image processing API for converting images.

Runtime Environments

Environments for running code.

Infrastructure as Code

Software that automates the operation and management of IT infrastructure.


Systems and applications for monitoring IT resources and services. For example, a service that monitors the health of hosts in a cloud deployment.


Systems for capturing an audit trail for IT services.

Error Reporting

Systems that monitor errors to report and escalate those that have significance.

Capacity Management

Systems for managing capacity such as an auto scaling system for cloud computing.

Administration Tools

User interfaces for managing IT infrastructure, systems, applications and services.

Development Environments

Applications for developing, testing and debugging code.


Tools for deploying code and managing change to environments such as a source control platform.

Content Delivery

Platforms for delivering content and media such as a content delivery network.

Content Management

Applications for managing, using and publishing knowledge, information and media.

Cloud Computing

Platforms for deploying many physical resources for a system, application, service, batch job or analysis. Provides vertical and horizontal scale for running software.

Edge Computing

Platforms for achieving scale and reducing latency by computing geographically close to users, devices or data sources.

API Gateway

Tools for publishing, managing, monitoring and securing APIs.

Machine Learning

Machine learning services for artificial intelligence.

Natural Language Processing

Services for determining the meaning of natural language text or speech.

Location Services

Services that allow devices and software to be location aware.

Game Engines

Platforms for developing and running games and game-like applications.


The line between systems and software infrastructure changes with time. What is considered a cutting edge technology that represents a competitive advantage today may be seen as a basic commodity service tomorrow.
Overview: Infrastructure Software
Foundational software upon which the technology capabilities of an organization are built.
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