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28 Examples of IT Gaps

An IT gap is the difference between the current state of your information technology and a target or ideal state. These are identified as part of a gap analysis and fixing gaps can be incorporated into IT strategy. In order to identify IT gaps it is useful to think about the full set of capabilities that IT systems and services could have and then comparing this to current realities. The following are illustrative examples of an IT gap.
A lack of automation
Architectural issues e.g. an incomprehensible system that is difficult to update and maintain
Business continuity and disaster resilience shortfalls
Data quality issues
Information security vulnerabilities
Infrastructure issues
Insufficient backup & restore
Insufficient internal controls
Lack of access control
Lack of audit trail
Lack of clear ownership e.g. customer data that is owned by multiple business units with no agreement on how to fix problems
Lack of documentation e.g. a system with no architecture or design documentation
Lack of knowledge / documentation e.g. an algorithmic decision that nobody can explain
Lack of measurement, metrics and reporting.
Lack of operations capabilities e.g. systems with no operating manual
Legacy systems that are a maintenance risk
Low availability & reliability
Mismatch between systems and business processes
Noncompliance with current or upcoming regulations
Poor usability
Productivity issues caused by technology shortfalls e.g. a task that requires logging in to multiple systems
Redundant or inefficient processes
Replicated data
Software development practices such as insufficient version control
Standards noncompliance
Unaddressed problems e.g. root causes of incidents
Unmanaged risks
Unresolved audit issues
Overview: IT Gaps
The difference between the current state of information technology and a target or ideal state.
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