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What are Lines Of Code?

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Lines of code (LOC) is a software complexity metric that corresponds to the number of lines of source code in a software component. This is commonly used to estimate projects or measure the complexity of existing code for purposes such as service management.


Lines of Code is occasionally criticized as being an inaccurate measurement as it may reward verbose coding styles over more elegant designs. Lines of code may also underestimate complex portions of code such as algorithms and integration. For example, if you rely on Lines of Code a complex trading algorithm that integrates with 10 different exchanges might be considered equal in complexity to a simple service that displays webpages and communicates with a local database. Nevertheless, lines of code is often useful from a management perspective and tends to be accurate enough to estimate complexity at the order of magnitude level.
Overview: Lines Of Code
A software complexity metric that involves calculating or estimating the lines of code in a software component.
Also Known As
LOC, Source lines of code, SLOC
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