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44 Examples of Advertising Media

 , December 30, 2021 updated on January 01, 2022
Advertising media are ways to pay to communicate a marketing message. This includes physical media such as magazines, digital media such as mobile apps, broadcast media such as television, direct messaging such as email and a range of social promotions such as celebrity product placements. The following are common types of advertising media.
Books / eBooks
Brochures & Fliers
Case Studies
Celebrity / Influencer Sponsorship
Conferences & Workshops
Contest Sponsorship
Desktop Applications
Digital Advertising
Digital Retargeting
Direct Mail
Ecommerce Platforms
Event Sponsorship
Mobile Apps
Mobile Billboards
Movie Theater Advertisements
Offline Ads
Outdoor Advertising
Overhead Messaging
Point of Sale Displays
Product Placement
Search Engines
Social Media
Sponsored Content
Sports Sponsorship
Street Furniture
Text Messaging
Transit Advertising
Video Games
Webcasts / Digital Events
White Papers
Digital retargeting is the ability to continue to display ads to a prospect such as an individual who visited your website.
Mobile billboards are banner ads on trucks and other vehicles. It is unethical to have these trucks drive empty through populated areas to promote a product as this can waste energy, cause traffic jams, increase air pollution or lead to accidents and injuries.
Overhead messages are announcements at a location such as a store.


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