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18 Types of Customer

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A customer is a person, business, organization or government that has made a purchase from you recently. The following are common types of customer and potential customer.

Target Market

The first view of the customer that marketing teams develop is a target market that specifies a group of potential customers by factors such as location, demographics, behaviors, needs and preferences.


A lead is an identified member of your target market who isn't a customer yet.

Qualified Lead

It is common to qualify or disqualify leads for your sales process by scoring the likelihood that they will make a purchase. For business-to-business sales this usually includes factors such as budget, authority, needs and timeline.


An opportunity is a potential customer who is engaged by your sales team and is likely to make a purchase.

Subscription Customer

A customer who pays a monthly fee to you for a service.

One-Time Customers

Customers who purchase exactly once potentially due to a bad experience with your brand.

Transactional Customers

Customers who buy from you sporadically. This can occur due to comparison shopping whereby a customer buys the best perceived value each time without a strong brand preference.

Loyal Customer

A customer who makes regular purchases. The exact definition of a loyal customer depends on your industry. For durable goods, a loyal customer might be a purchase every 3 years. A fast-moving consumer goods company might view loyalty as 2 purchases a month.

Convenience Loyalty

A customer who is loyal because they find you to be convenient. In other words, if something more convenient came along they might defect.

Functional Loyalty

A customer who purchases from you because you offer functionality or features they need. Such customers will typically remain loyal as long as your features match their needs.

Quality Loyalty

A loyal customer who purchases from you because the quality of your products and services match their preferences. For example, a customer who is convinced that you offer the best tasting coffee.

Brand Loyalty

A loyal customer who identifies with your brand.

Relationship Loyalty

Customers who buy from you because they have a business relationship with your employees such as sales people or customer service staff.

Price Sensitive

A customer who buys from you because you are the cheapest or offer the best value relative to their needs. Price sensitive customers may leave if you hike prices.

Lost Customers

A customer who was previously loyal who no longer purchases from you.

Stuck Customer

A customer who faces switching barriers to stop using your product. Such customers may be completely dissatisfied but remain loyal until they see a way out. For example, a business that uses a software tool to semi-automate their core business processes may find it difficult to replace the tool.

Satisfied Customer

A customer who is loyal because they are pleased with your end-to-end customer experience.


A customer who recommends you to people.
Overview: Customer
A person, business, organization or government that has made a purchase from you recently.
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