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24 Examples of Media Goals

Media goals are the target outcome for communication processes such as advertising, promotion, stakeholder engagement and public relations. These are end goals that are relevant to your business or organization and should not be confused with media objectives such as reach or conversion rate. The following are common media goals.
Audience Growth
Brand Culture
Brand Image
Brand Loyalty / Engagement
Brand Recognition / Awareness
Building Influence
Creating Awareness
Customer Experience
Customer Relationships
Doing Good
Employer Branding
Establishing Authority
Influencing Opinions
Influencing Perceptions
Influencing Politics / Policy
Influencing Society / Culture
Information Dissemination
Investor Relations
Managing an Issue
Regulatory Risk
Social Status
Solving a Problem

Media Goals

This is the complete list of articles we have written about media goals.
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Brand Image
Employer Branding
Media Goals
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Media Planning
Regulatory Risk
Revenue Examples
Social Status
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