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12 Types of Media Planning

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Media planning is the selection of media and scheduling of advertising. It is a complex task that is often outsourced to a media agency or semi-automated. The following are common elements of media planning.


Defining goals, strategy and marketing objectives. In other words, what are you trying to achieve and how will it be measured?


Planning budget and cost targets such as cost per thousand or cost per point.

Target Audience

Defining your target audience including geographical targeting such as local marketing.

Media Mix

Selecting appropriate communication and media channels based on factors such as your brand, product and creatives.


Selecting specific media properties in each media channel.


Considering the impact of a message relative to the surrounding media.

Creative Execution

Planning the ads that will be used for each communication, media channel and vehicle. Involves consultation with the creative team that produced the ads.


The percentage of your target audience that you would like to reach in a period of time.


How many times the same individual is exposed to the same ad or campaign.


Timing ads for impact and to manage cost.


Media planning often leaves room for flexibility to respond to market conditions as they unfold. For example, timing and selection of vehicles may be automated for digital channels to optimize based on results.

Control & Measurement

Identifying controls and measurements.
Overview: Media Planning
The selection of media and scheduling of advertising.
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