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A business model is a description of how a business creates, delivers and captures value. These are often described using only part of this equation with catchphrases such as crowdsourcing that are focused on value capture. The following list takes a different approach with business models based on industries.
Agriculture - Agritourism
Agriculture - Artisanal Food
Agriculture - Farmer's Market
Agriculture - Market Price
Art - Commercial Art
Art - Fine Art e.g. gallery
Brands - Customer Experience
Brands - Luxury
Brands - People & Planet e.g. doing good
Brands - Quality
Brands - Value
Club Goods - Cruise Ships
Club Goods - Movie Theaters
Club Goods - Recreation Facilities
Club Goods - Theme Parks
Consulting - Fixed Price Project
Consulting - Time & Materials
Consumer to Consumer - Products e.g. lemonade stand
Consumer to Consumer - Rentals
Consumer to Consumer - Services e.g. cutting grass
Consumer to Consumer - Used Goods
Cottage Industry - Crafts
Ecommerce - Brand Shop
Ecommerce - Import / Export
Ecommerce - One Stop Shop i.e. huge sites with variety
Ecommerce - Reselling
Ecommerce - Specialty / Niche
Freelancing - Coding
Freelancing - Consulting
Freelancing - Creative e.g. writer
Freelancing - Design
Hotels - Budget
Hotels - Convenient Location
Hotels - Experience e.g. resorts
Manufacturing - Business Goods e.g. parts, components and supplies
Manufacturing - Consumer Goods
Manufacturing - Contract Manufacturing
Manufacturing - Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Manufacturing - Mass Customization
Manufacturing - Razors & Blades
Markets - Agents & Brokers
Markets - Auctions
Markets - Exchanges
Markets - Peer-to-peer Middleman
Markets - Two-Sided Market e.g. employment site
Media - Data, Information & Knowledge
Media - Entertainment
Media - News
Media - Platforms / User Generated Content
Media - Reputation Systems e.g. reviews and ratings
Media - Social Media
Media - Streaming Media
Media - Video Games
Media - Vlogging / Podcasting
Music - Performances
Music - Publishing Music
Nightlife - Bars & Pubs
Nightlife - Clubs
Nightlife - Music Events
Nightlife - Theater, Culture & Performing Arts
Personal Services
Primary Industry - Fishing
Primary Industry - Forestry
Primary Industry - Mining
Professional Services
Publishing - Books
Publishing - Digital
Publishing - Magazines & Periodicals
Restaurant - Convenient Location
Restaurant - Fast Food
Restaurant - Fine Dining
Restaurant - Specialty / Niche
Restaurant - Take Out
Retail - Brand Shop
Retail - Bricks & Clicks
Retail - Convenient Location
Retail - Cooperatives
Retail - One Stop Shop e.g. provides variety
Retail - Specialty / Niche
Retail - Store Within a Store
Retail - Used Goods
Retail / Ecommerce - Antiques & Collectibles
Retail / Ecommerce - Complementary Products i.e. offering something for use with another brand such as a phone case
Retail / Ecommerce - Crafts
Retail / Ecommerce - Fast Fashion i.e. cheap and trendy
Retail / Restaurant - Captive Customers e.g. airport
Services - Advertising, Marketing & Sales
Services - Business Outsourcing
Services - Business Services
Services - Business Training
Services - Catering
Services - Cleaning
Services - Consumer Services
Services - Data & Communications
Services - Delivery
Services - Environmental & Waste Management
Services - Financial Services & Payments
Services - Home Renovation, Maintenance & Repair
Services - Logistics
Services - Training, Education & Tutoring
Services - Transport
Services - Utilities
Technology - Business to Business
Technology - Cloud Infrastructure
Technology - Cloud Platforms & Services
Technology - Direct to Consumer
Technology - Managed Services e.g. email platform that takes care of security
Technology - Software & Services
Tours - Budget
Tours - Epic Experience
Value Added Reseller i.e. adding value to other products
Wholesale / Distributor


The following template can be used to document the three components of a business model: value creation, delivery and capture. An example is given for a restaurant that creates value mostly by offering convenience.
Business Model: Restaurant with Convenient Location / Hours
Value Creation
The only restaurant opened late in a nightlife area with high foot traffic late at night.
Value Delivery
Direct selling to customers from location.
Value Capture
Customers pay for takeout and eat-in orders.

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