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42 Examples of the Consumer Market

A consumer market is a market for products and services purchased by individuals and households. This can be contrasted with the business market -- products and services purchased by businesses. The consumer market is the primary type of economic activity on a global basis. The following are prominent examples of the consumer market.
Baby Supplies
Books / Digital Content
Cleaning Supplies
Cloud Services
Communication Services
Computers & Peripherals
Cultural Products
Events (e.g. sporting events / concerts)
Fashion & Accessories
Fitness & Recreation
Health & Wellness
Hobby Supplies
Home Appliances
Home Furnishings
Home Improvement
Internet Services
Media, Automotive / Automotive Aftermarket
Mobile Apps
Mobile Devices
Musical Instruments
Outdoor Goods
Personal Services
Pet Supplies
Professional Services (e.g. lawyers)
Recreational Products / Services
Restaurants & Cafes
Sporting Goods
Streaming Media
Toys & Games
Traditional Products
Video Games, Collectibles & Antiques


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