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72 Examples of Customer Attributes

Customer attributes are characteristics, properties and behaviors that can be used to describe a customer. These are data fields that can be collected in a customer database or software such as analytics that captures customer data. The following are illustrative examples of customer attributes.
Account Id
Acquisition Type (how did you acquire the customer)
Affinity (things the customer likes)
Campaign Interest (e.g. click thoroughs)
Cart Abandonments
Color Affinity (e.g. often orders blue things)
Complaint Status
Contact Preference
Coupon Purchases
Customer Satisfaction (i.e. how did the customer rank your service)
Customer Status
Customer Type
Date of Birth
Device Type (e.g. logons on with a computer / phone)
Education Level
Family Details (e.g. Parental Status)
Feature Utilization
Firmographic Attributes (for business customers)
First Name
First Purchase Date
Gift Purchases
Housing Type
Identification Number (e.g. Driver's Licence Number)
Job Title
Last Name
Last Purchase Time
Last Visit Time
Licence Type
Lifestyle Attributes (e.g. owns a pet)
Lifetime Customer Value
Loyalty Status
Marital Status
Media Views
Mobile Number
Newsletter Permission / Preference
Number of Children
Number of Purchases
Number of Returns
Number of Visits
Open Rate
Opinion Data (e.g. from a survey)
Order Metrics (e.g. average order value)
Payment Methods
Payment Status
Phone Number
Point / Gift Card Balance
Points Status
Privacy Preference
Product Affinity (products the customer often buys)
Product Views
Purchase Motivation
Shipping Preferences
Social Media Activity (e.g. shares your content in social media)
Social Media Identifiers
Subscription Renewal Date
Tax Id
Value of Purchases
Value of Returns
Visit Trend (e.g. visiting more or less than usual)
Wish List (i.e. products the customer has saved)
There are many ethical / practical concerns around aggressive collection of customer data.
In many cases, customer attributes are approximations generated by algorithms. For example, you could guess that a customer is motivated by a need to stock a home office from their regular purchases of office supplies.
Customer attributes differ greatly by industry / firm.

Customer Data

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Customer Attributes
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